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Amazing Website of the Day

Cheese and Burger Society

What I wouldn't give for that...

This site chronicles 30 different burgers, all featuring natural Wisconsin cheese. And as the coup de gras, it is narrated by none other than Patrick Warburton. You know, David Putty.

Amusing Video of the Day.

This was a series of videos that appeared on the Nickelodeon program Kablam way back in 1996. I found this to be hilarious back then, and fortunately rediscovered it thanks to youtube. Enjoy!

I need to become a Politician…

Politicians typically have poor reputations. They are seen as crooked, untrustworthy people who are only looking out for themselves. Sadly, this is not going to be a story about a good guy. This is about Gavin Newsom. Mr. Newsom is the current mayor of the city of San Francisco, but if you saw his schedule, you certainly wouldn’t think so. Mr. Newsom has made it known that he wants to run for governor of California in the next election. NEXT NOVEMBER!!!!

The guy is ambitious. Awesome. Here’s where the problem comes in: He’s spent the last 3.5 weeks in Southern California. The last time I checked, San Francisco was the 12th largest city in the country, and it has the second highest population density in the country. So there are 800k residents, and 2+ million commuters who care and depend on him to get this city back on track. But he’s not here. Nope. He’s in the San Fernando Valley. Here are a couple of his tweets:

I pay taxes, so do I get a portion of these SkyMiles?

I pay taxes, so do I get a portion of these SkyMiles?

He’s probably working hard. Or his intern is making it look like he’s working hard. I just wish he was working for the people that put him in the position he’s in. The only thing I can say for certain is this: the more time that he spends elsewhere in the state, the more guaranteed votes he loses in San Francisco. The decision is yours, Gavin.

Music Video of the Day

This is a cool, modern remake of one of Pink Floyds most popular songs off of arguably their best album, The Wall.